The School of Social Work


Educational Philosophy

Our goal as social workers is to recognize the dignity of the independent citizen, working toward the creation of a society in which the individual may live and work free of worry, loneliness, disenfranchisement, and isolation. Founded on a global awareness of the need for social work, as the KUHS School of Social Work we seek to enable and promote those talented individuals with the ability to implement a full range of human services in our diverse communities.

Educational Goals

In order to achieve the Faculty's educational goals, our mission is to help students acquire, by the time of graduation, the following abilities:

  1. To comprehend, understand, and evaluate the over all needs of the client and help them to achieve self-sufficiency by fostering an environment in which empowerment may be fully encouraged.
  2. To efficiently and effectively mobilize our resources based on an expansive and precise understanding of the history, fieldwork and expressed needs of the target community, whether a community expressed on a global or neighborhood scale.
  3. To promote the formulation of community-based human services, as a caring society working intimately with its citizens.
  4. To foster an environment in which theories of social welfare and their practical implementation are formed to benefit human services as a whole.
  5. To actively assess through meaningful data how social institutions and social policies influence the quality of life of the citizen, and then create goals rooted in these findings.
  6. To cultivate a broad range of community leaders who are disposed to playing an active role in heightening the quality of interaction within our dynamic and varied social communities.