Research Center for Regional Contribution


The Research Center for Regional Contribution was established by Kanagawa University of Human Services based on one of its basic philosophies “Contribution to Communities” and the university’s Future Vision, with the objective of contributing to the advancement of the region by further encouraging research and other activities that contribute to local communities and responding to contemporary issues in health, medical treatment and social welfare faced by those communities; by establishing a university-wide organizational framework as one aspect of efforts to build an academic hub in Kanagawa Prefecture.


Work Performed by the Center

  • Planning and implementation of research in response to regional issues

  • Promotion and collaborative liaison for businesses, projects and activities relating to regional contribution, international cooperation and research support

  • Information gathering and PR activities

  • Other necessary work duties relating to the university’s regional contribution, international cooperation and research support activities


The Center’s Three Departments

In addition to a steering committee that deliberates on important matters, the center has also established the following three departments.

Regional Contribution Department

Conducting regional collaboration projects

Conducting public lectures

Conducting collaborative projects with enterprises and local government agencies, etc.

Support for student volunteer activities, etc.

International Cooperation Department

Conducting international cooperation projects

Exchanges with overseas universities

Support for international students, etc.

Research Support Department

Provision of research support and holding training seminars

Advance consultations for research ethics applications

Provision of information on public offerings, etc., relating to research

Collaborative research with enterprises, etc.