Chairman's Message


Pushing ahead as an educational corporation, with the aim of becoming a better university

Yasuo Otani, Chairman
Yasuo Otani, Chairman

Kanagawa University of Human Services was opened in April 2003 with the goals of developing high-quality human resources in the fields of health, medical care and social welfare, and improving and enhancing education for currently active professionals in these fields, based on the philosophy of human services.
Later, the university opened the Kanagawa University of Human Services Graduate School, working to train high-level professionals capable of aiming to achieve collaboration and cooperation with various areas of health, medical care and social welfare. Today, graduates and holders of postgraduate diplomas are engaged in key active roles in all areas of human services.


However, due to the rapidly declining birthrate, progressive social aging, the rapid pace of globalization and digitalization, and issues such as personnel shortages in the fields of health, medical care and social welfare, the social situation surrounding human services has changed greatly over the past 17 years.
In view of these developments, Kanagawa University of Human Services is now making a new start as an incorporated public university, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the human services by further advancing the achievements of educational and research activities developed since the university’s initial opening.


With the coming of the age of 100-year life expectancy, we are also tackling the challenges of research and human resources development with a view to health innovation, with a focus on the new health value,"ME-BYO" concept. As society continues to mature, universities are becoming the focus of increasingly greater expectations from local communities and industries, as sources of new knowledge and technologies.


By its conversion to an incorporated public university, moving forward, Kanagawa University of Human Services will utilize greater autonomy and flexibility as a university than ever before, as we work to build a more attractive and appealing university to cater accurately and effectively to the needs of our students, residents of Kanagawa prefecture, and society as a whole.



Graduated from The University of Tokyo Faculty of Law.
Joined the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 1976. Served as head of the Health Policy Bureau, Vice-Minister / Deputy Director-General for Health, Labour and Welfare and Special Advisor to the Cabinet, before becoming Chairman of the Board of Governors for Kanagawa University of Human Services in April 2018.
Also serves as chairman of the Nihon Hoiku Kyokai and the Japan Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Association (Nihon Kenko Seikatsu Suishin Kyokai), among other roles.