Center for Innovation Policy


Innovation Co-Creation and Social Implementation

Center for Innovation Policy is an attached organization of the university which makes use of SHI's efforts of study research, and serves as a thinktank to support policy making and correspond to promoting social implementation flexibly.
We carry out policy research and proposal related to health, medical care and welfare. At the same time, we activate innovative ME-BYO / healthcare industry, and match academic research and the actual social issues, to promote social implementation of innovations.



By promoting field-crossing and innovative research based on scientific evidence, and working on social implementation of the achievements working together with various stakeholders such as academia in and out of the country, enterprises and administrations, as well as proposals and support towards evidence-based health innovation policy realization, we aim to contribute to building a society where people can live healthy lives. For such purposes, the center promotes the following research/work.


  1. Policy research promotion in the ideas of ME-BYO and data usage, etc. in the field of health, medical care and welfare
  2. Joint and commissioned research with administrations and private enterprises
  3. Implementation of research and study achievements and policy proposals
  4. Industry-academia collaboration projects


Business Outline

Policy Research Promotion

ME-BYO Research
Commissioned Research
Independent Research

Policy Making Support

Policy Making Support
Pollicy Proposal

Social Implementation Promotion

Entrepreneurship Education / Training
Venture Support
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