Admission Policy

While leaders who can present ways to solve issues from a new perspective defying stereotypes are wanted, to construct a society where people can live with a purpose by extending the life-span and improving the pre-symptomatic state, School of Health Innovation aims to foster leasers who aspire to start up business and could strive to revolutionize the society by an approached based on scientific thinking. To achieve this, we would like to recruit those who apply to the following:


  1. Those who have a strong will to construct a society where people can live with a purpose, through healthcare improvement.
  2. Those who has an interest towards social issues and who aspire to solve these issues based on scientific thinking.
  3. Those who attempt to present a solution towards issues between people people with different backgrounds and various organizations, from a versatile point of view.
  4. Those who can present and implement a bold issue-solving solution from a new perspective, defying stereotypes.

Entrance Exam Information

Entrance Exam Content
First Screening
Submit any one of the following official score reports when applying to entrance examination:
*TOEFL (iBT Home Edition), TOEFL (Essentials), and IELTS Indicator are also acceptable.
Second Screening

Interview Screening

Application Period

First-round of Application: September 5, 2022 (Mon.) – October 13, 2022 (Thu.)

Second-round of Application: December 19, 2022 (Mon.) – January 19, 2023 (Thu.)

*We will not call for the second-round of application if the number of applicants reaches the enrollment limit in the first-round.

Application Guidelines

Please refer to the application guideline for more information on eligibility, application procedures, and the long-term course system.

Students with particularly outstanding results in the selection examination in the first-round of application will be selected as special students. Special students will be exempted from the entrance fee.

Submitting an essay is necessary for the application

Please check out the lecture movie and the slide material from the following page for an essay and prove it

Lecture movie and Slide

How to apply

Put the necessary documents stated in the application guidelines in an envelope and send it by registered mail to the mailing address written below.


Research Gate Building TONOMACHI 2-A, 3-25-10 Tonomachi,
Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture 210-0821, Japan
Administrative Office for Graduate School of Health Innovation