Study ME-BYO, Explore ME-BYO

Yasuo OtaniKanagawa University of
Human Services
Chairman (CEO)

In order to realize the new concept of health “ME-BYO” which was advocated by Mr. Yuji Kuroiwa who is the Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture, a new graduate school named “Graduate School of Health Innovation” will be open under the full support of Kanagawa Prefecture. This school is completely new academic institution which aims to develop human resources that can revolutionize social system and technology in the field of health care. By building network among various actors such as industries, academia, governments including Kanagawa Prefecture, we aim to become a base for creating new health innovation which produce personnel who can play an important roll worldwide and advance research to solve issues. Facing a “100 Year Life” era, we aspire to produce many excellent individuals and researches from the area of Tonomachi where we will be located. We would be grateful for your support of Health Innovation School’s creation of new society.

Fostering ‘Unbelievable Innovators’ that Support the ‘100 Year Life’ Era

Teiji NakamuraKanagawa University of
Human Services

It was in 2003 that the Kanagawa University of Human Services was established, aiming to correspond to the aging population, which is the biggest issue we have in the 21st century. With the philosophy of ‘Human Service,’ we have academically educated students who can lead the role in that field. After 15 years, we are establishing a new course: the ‘School of Health Innovation.’ KUHS and SHI are both an educational / research organization that have been established based on the future vision of the Kanagawa prefecture. SHI aims to foster human resources which can create a social system that supports ‘ME-BYO’ which the Kanagawa prefecture set forth, a new perspective of health in this ‘100 Year Life’ era. We put emphasis on cooperation with the local and industrial community, and focus on realizing the research result into society. With SHI joining KUHS, we practice and industrialize ‘Human Service’ and aim to foster innovators who can support this ‘100 Year Life’ era. SHI welcomes students who are willing to make new challenges in a field they may not be engaged with yet. We want to see those who can bring in new value with new methods and way of thinking, and solve issues in the healthcare / medical / welfare field; someone who can be an ‘Unbelievable Innovator’. SHI provides an environment for them to enhance their skills and succeed in society.

Be the First in the New Study in Solving the Worldʼs Aging Population Issue

Yuichi Tei /
Ung-il Chung
Kanagawa University of
Human Services of
Health Innovation

The School of Health Innovation (SHI) is a school that conducts research and education which focuses on a new perspective of health, presymptomatic diseases “ME-BYO”, which is in the back of this aging society. I feel honored for my role as dean of this school, to be able to foster those who can open up possibilities in this educational field, not only in Japan but globally. SHI provides education basically on public health, with a curriculum which students can brush up their skills and viewpoints necessary to make innovation in health, medical care and welfare. ‘Presymptomatic Disease’ ‘Latest Medical Care Technology’ are subjects about the latest areas, subjects like ‘Entrepreneurship’ are business-related, and ‘Data Science’ subjects are where students can learn about prediction of health risks using big data and AI. The learning process is also unique, and one example of this is that we conduct research activities which have goals to actually implement them in society. Not only using the networks of the Kanagawa prefecture, but also WHO and overseas universities, we provide many field study opportunities. Studying in SHI is very challenging, having the chance to make your research into actual implementation in the prefectural government, and is a shortcut to your engagement in solving global issues, in the forefront. We want to welcome students who have an aspiration to face new challenges.