Lecture movie and Slide



Short Essay

Watch the video “Introduction to Health Innovation” and read “The New Concept of Health Innovation ME-BYO” uploaded on the School website and write essays which answer to the following questions:


  1. There exist some issues related to public health or health care. Note one of the related issues which you think is prior to solve in your community and explain the effects or challenges of the policies or technologies used to solve that issue. Here, “community” not only means country or prefecture but also company, school or wherever you think is the community. (Not more than 400 words.)
  2. Give your opinion on values or challenges which the concept of “ME-BYO” may have. (Not more than 400 words.)
  3. Name the issue on public health, healthcare, and medical care, which particularly seems to require innovation. Give your opinion on the reason why the very issue requires innovation and what role would you like to play to realize health innovation.(Not more than 400 words.)

Video “Introduction to Health Innovation”