What to Learn

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Courses where you can learn specialized knowledge and methods related to all 5 fields of public health, including epidemiology and biometrics are assigned as regular courses. In addition, in each of the 5 fields, you make your own efforts in problem solving, and you are assigned to special seminar course in order to develop skills that enable you to make research project and give presentations. Depending on your completion status of each of these courses, you can take a course about public health and innovation offered by this graduate school’s master program.


In completing our regular courses, students put into practice “techniques for innovation” as well as transdisciplinary education which is indispensable for innovation through completing several fields in our special seminar course. This is in order to deal with health care problems which can not be solved with past approaches and paradigms.

As International and Highly Skilled Professionals

Through completing our regular courses, you can cultivate your ethical perspectives and value models through learning the bioethics, research ethics, and moreover policy ideas, required of international and highly skilled professionals.

Research Aimed at Practical Problem Solving

Students set their own basic topics in the health care field in areas such as research, industry, health care others and local government. They search for policies with practical solutions to problems, and conduct research.